Cash Drawers

Choose between a standard or flip-top cash drawer for your point of sale system.

A standard drawer has a long length that your point of sale terminal sits on and comes with a removeable insert. The flip-top drawer is more compact and can be built into your counter. Both options come in black or white, with extra inserts available.




From receipt printer, kitchen printers, invoice printers, dedicated shelf edge label printers and report printers, we have all printing options covered.

  • Reciept printers can be position at the point of sale terminals, or in another location of your choosing, for example a bar, or other clerk area.
  • Kitchen printers send your order direct to the kitchen for speedy delivery of your customers food.
  • Invoice printers located at the point of sale can issue account invoices at the time of transaction with a signature required section and your own stationary.
  • Dedicated barcode shelf edge label printers print 1 label at a time on sticky paper your your shelves. Print directly to the printer from your handheld or back office Product section.
  • Report printers connected to your back office print daily reports and allow for general useage printing. Report printers also print labels on an A4 sheet, for example 3x7 format.




Choose from a stand alone scanner, or a scale and scanner combination unit for your point of sale.

With the scale and scanner combination, you can weigh items directly at the point of sale and scan all barcodes producuts.



Customer display

Customer display poles come in either black or white and have a 2 line flourescent display. The display can either be powered through the terminal or own power supply unit. An adjustable height means the display can be matched to the requirements of any working environment.


Radio Frequency Handheld

The Pico RF601 handheld is a powerful lightweight high performance handheld. All the softweare runs on the back office PC with data transferrring in real time enabling staff to access up-to-date warehouse data, complete orders, change prices, enter products, stock take and print labels directly to your dedicated barcode printer.



Other Devices

Due to our software being developed in-house, we can work with most existing devices, depending on spec, saving you money! Let us know if you have some periperals in place already and we'll do what we can to work with them.


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