Deli Counter Scales

 Our partnership with Dibal brings a range of deli counter scales to suit any customer requirement.


    • Depending on the model, the scales can have up to 95 preset keys, 20 vendors and thousands of PLUs.

    • Complete information for each PLU is available including offer price, price by weight segment, description upto 3 lines, free text, profit codes, and much more.

    • Run sales and management reports such as sales margins, cash drawer reports, last modified products, and more.

    • View weight, price, total and tare, active cashiers and name of the product on screen for each transaction.

    • The advanced graphics display can show logos, promotions and allows you to run up to 4 different design screens at once.

    • An extrmely fast and high resolution printer comes with the ability of 4 logos per receipt, cashier name, payment mods, discounts, loyalty points, traceability, ingredients, and more.

    • Up to 10 types of generic traceability (meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, etc) are available.




Butcher Scales

Our innovative touchscreen scale brings class, colour and advertising to your butcher counter. For user-friendliness and fast user training times, touchscreen technology simply can't be matched. Creating and modifying product lines is simply a breeze.

This scale represents an exceptional design, build quality and reliability that loyal customers depent on and expect. Attract and entertain customers with displays and advertisements using the full colour customer screen. Even simply showing a full colour image of an item when the PLU is selected can enchance consumer confidence.





Checkout Scale

Checkout scales offer a couple of choices. You can build a scale and scanner into your counter or install a scale over your point of sale terminal, or beside it. Both options allow for accurate weighing at the point of sale.

Weighed items are automatically calculated based on the price per KG and added to the customers transaction.

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