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Western provides a complete range of stand-alone and integrated weighing scales for all applications and all requirements. 

Weighing Up Your Options

Enhance your dedicated EPoS system with the ideal weight-measurement hardware.

  • Touchscreen systems can have thousands of easily located preset keys on up to 99 menus, with hundreds of thousands of PLUs.

  • Complete information for each PLU is available: including offer price, price by weight segment, fully-adjustable descriptions with free text only limited by your label design, and more.

  • Full reporting is available, either locally as a standalone system, or in the back office when used as either as part of a Quest EPoS system or as a networked Able2Label setup.

  • Able2Label Weighing solution

    Able2Label Scales Systems

    Our superb Able2Label weighing solution provides incredible standalone and integrated systems. When combined with our simple-to-use touch screens, it provides a system that can adapt to any customer requirement.

  • View weight, price, total, and tare, with the active cashier and product description on screen during every transaction.

  • The touchscreen graphical display displays up to 99 panels, with nested menus where necessary, with your choice of text description and colours.

  • Link to multiple dedicated label printers to always have the perfect label for any possible item; prepack or specials, deli or meat, all directly from one weighing platform.

  • DIGI DS784 integrated system units

    Integrated Scales

    Combining the most space-saving design with rapid checkout operation, the DIGI DS984 is an integrated weighing scale/scanner combination with an external display pole. Tough and durable, the scale/scanner and display modules merge discreetly into point-of-sale furniture, offering improvements in speed and a more compact footprint than discrete units.

    Perfect for higher volume transactions in multi-lane installations.

  • DIGI SM120B Deli counter scale

    Deli Counter Scales

    Neat, discreet, easy to maintain, and delightfully simple to operate, the DIGI SM120B is the ideal solution for the busiest of deli counters.  The clean and efficient design provides rapid and accurate weighing and fast, legible labelling.

    When integrated into a Quest EPoS system, price monitoring and updates are at the press of a button.

  • Digi-sm120-ev-system

    Butchers Scales

    This scale features the exceptional design, build quality and reliability that Western's clients demand and expect. Ultra-reliable, extremely efficient, and perfectly adapted for the meat counter, the DIGI SM120EV is fast in operation and offers a clean labelling system that is a boon to quick customer service operations.

    Like the other scales in this line, it is fully compatible with the Quest EPoS system, making reporting and programming a breeze.

  • Checkout Scale Software

    Software for Checkout and Integrated Scales

    Our wide range of innovative class-leading scales enhance our Quest EPoS system to provide accurate, efficient weighing at the point of service.

    Save on the cost of consumables, accidental or intentional underweighing, and display fully transparent information to the customer at the time of purchase.

  • Compact body

  • High contrast LCD display with backlight

  • Up to 99 PLUs programmable

  • Price Computing Scale

    Standalone Scale

    DS-782 is an accurate, user-friendly standalone scale for speedy weighing transactions and accurate price calculations.

  • PC interface

  • High contrast LCD display with backlight

  • Works with Rechargeable Batteries

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