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M50 Toll Payments

Western Software Solutions

Western have partnered with Payzone to integrate their systems with our point of sale. Along with topups, customers can also use your store to pay their regular M50 tolls. Tolls differ per vehicle type (€3.00 for a standard car, per journey) and must be paid by 8pm the day after the journey; otherwise customers face late fees and penalties.

Quest offers two methods of payment: pre-pay and post-pay.


Customers can plan their journey without worrying about loose change for the toll by pre-paying their tolls in your store.


Customers who have gone through the tolls can pay the charge at your point of sale. All your customer needs to know is their car registration number.

Tolling Software

Quest EPoS Software

Quest EPoS Software

Quest Software Options

  • Top Ups


    Western has partnered with the best mobile phone top-up companies to integrate top-ups at the point of sale.

  • Restaurants


    Our extensive restaurant package transforms your regular point of sale into a robust multi-table, multi-printer food tracking system.

  • Vending Machines

    Cigarette Vending

    Western have partnered with all the major cigarette companies to integrate the dispensing of cigarettes from the point of sale screen.

  • Loyalty


    Western has partnered with Bopzy to develop a robust and unbeatable loyalty rewards package.

  • Tolls


    Western offers full EFlow charging capabilities, allowing customers to pay for M50 and Toll fees directly at the counter.

  • Fuel

    Fuel Integration

    Western's partnership with DOMS brings strong fuel integration to the point of sale. On-screen pump displays, with up to 9 pumps, let you track the course of a fuel transaction.

  • Card Payments

    Chip & Pin

    Control your credit and debit card transactions through your point of sale thanks to the Western and TNS partnership.

  • Weighing

    Checkout Scales

    Add a scale/scanner combination into your counter, or install a scale above or alongside your EPoS terminal.

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